How Taking a Break Can Help You Be More Productive

Lunch Break - How to Be Productive

Do you find yourself doing everything but eating at lunchtime? Do you even take a lunch break? Are you one of those people that thinks working through lunch makes you more productive? Do you eat at all during your break? Be more productive by taking a break!

The whole point of a lunch break is to do just that, break. Although we may not always think of our break time as a part of our productivity in business, it is. There are many reasons why employers are required to give a lunch break. Too many lunch breaks are taken at ones desk with a sandwich in one hand while typing with the other. It seems as though our society doesn’t believe in breaks anymore. We have become work obsessed and many of us have forgotten the benefits that come with downtime. Our brains are always working. Just as important as refilling your car with gas to get to work we must refuel our brains to continue to work effectively.

Lately, I have found that I haven’t left my desk much. I’ve been so busy that sometimes I skip lunch. I know many of you are just like me even if you work from home. So I took some time to do some internet reasearch and here are some ideas that I have come up with. These are ideas that I’ve found that I will apply to my day to make it less stressful and more productive. Continue reading

Juggling and Balancing Business Productivity

David Ferman - Balancing a Burning Molotov Cocktail

Did you see when David Ferman did his juggling and balancing of a burning molotov cocktail act on America’s Got Talent? Amazing. He’s a smart kid. He realized that in order to impress the judges and the audience that he needed to do something extraordinary. With a little creativity and organization we are all capable of being more productive, successful and profitable. Like Ferman, we have to be consistent, apply practice as well as step out of our comfort zone.

Here is the clip of David Ferman in action. This is how I feel when I’m trying to “juggle” my company. As a business owner there is a lot of pressure to get things done all while, managing, taking risks and captivating an audience.

While I like to watch TV, I don’t normally have much time to watch TV and I don’t have time to watch TV because I’m too busy juggling multitude of tasks for my business and daily life. So I sat down to write this post and come up with ways to maximize productivity for business. Some of these ideas can also be applied to our daily lives.

Business Productivity is an organization’s ability to use all recourses available to them in an effort to produce an environment where goods or services needed by customers and clients can be profitable. Are there things that could be changed within our businesses would make them more productive? There is often a lot of wasted time, redundancy and lack of focus in business. Ever put off a project that you knew would benefit your business because you “didn’t have the time”? Yet we find time for everything else that needs to be done and more. Continue reading