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Remember when we wanted to be a member of a book club. Each month subscribers will receive the featured title by that month’s. Book clubs wanted to ignite the love of reading. Many of us nice read on Ipad’s and Kindle. However, they are still people who want to hold and feel the pages of a book.

Bookmarks are better to use than folding back pages because at the end of the day you can damage the page or the spine of the book. So, what is a bookmark? A bookmark is commonly made of leather, fabric, thick cardboard or even seeds that you can plant after you read your book. So, bookmarks save your book without those terrible looking dog-eared pages. The bookmark keeps you book looking clean and you can pass it down to your children or friends keeping the book in pristine condition.

With that said you need to choose a bookmark wisely. Stay away from ones that are bulky as they will break the spine of the book and you also do not want the pages to rip or get torn.

Our bookmarks are made of cardstock, leather, faux leather and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and design

For many jobs we are given handbooks. What a great idea to hand out imprinted bookmarks with your logo or message. After your recipient reads the manual, the bookmark they will keep and use at home when sitting down and relaxing reading a book. As reading a book where you have a custom bookmark between the pages of what you just read makes it easy to get right back in the groove of reading. Reading we discover and takes us to a place where we can build out imagination and show possibilities

I know I like to read, but as we all know that have you ever read a book, only to lose your place because you did not have a bookmark?

The reason to hand out bookmarks as they will grab the attention of your readers every time they pick up a book.. So buy custom bookmarks in bulk and add your logo today.

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