What is Branding?


Characteristics of good branding are comprised of some of the following key concepts.

Knowing your target market. A good brand has to understand it’s audience. Many times companies try to appeal to everyone and in-turn fall short because they lack direction.

A brand has to be driven by passion. It takes a passionate company to build a successful brand. That includes employees and customers that are willing to stand behind the brand. Word-of-mouth marketing is an expression of enthusiasm for a brand and can be it’s biggest supporter.

Businesses that are passionate about their brand have returning customers.  They have returning customers because they are consistent with good customer service and a product that delivers.

Create distinctive ideas. A product or service should have something unique about it. Uniqueness will set a company apart from the rest. A unique quality can also be a very strong selling point.

Getting your name out their using different forms of media. A successful and distinctive brand connects with it’s audience over the internet and through social media. Another way to build brand identity is at trade shows and with custom corporate gifts.

So what is the real magic of branding? This video by David Brier of DBD International explains it best. It’s about rising above and out of our own minds into the minds of others. It’s when we have “tapped into our ability to see, not as ourselves, but as others”. “In and through the eyes, hearts and minds of people”. The magic of branding is when you can transform feelings into something people can connect with and resinate with.film Logan


A good understanding of what you are branding and all of it’s elements will lead you to ideas for branding success. What do you define as good branding? How will you engage with your clients today? How have you seen businesses and consumers relish the magic of branding? What is your meaning of branding?

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  1. Good points on the importance of branding, Arleen. The unique quality as a selling point reminded me of Jeep Cherokee having the boxy style and round head lights since WWII. they were known for this and it was part of their brand. Was huge uproar when they decided to drop this look on the 2014 models. People didn’t even recognize or associate them with the Jeep brand anymore.
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  2. Branding is tough to do for many people.

    Because I have a variety of clients for the different services I provide, it’s difficult to say that I have only one target market. I actually have several — those who need writing services, those who need editing services, and those who need blogging or web-related services.

    When I think of my brand, I think of quality services tailored to my clients’ needs. My clients know they can count on me to deliver!

    When others think of me, they know I am helpful and always seem to have the answers. I like being thought of that way, too!

  3. Good and true points, Arleen. But how you succeed with branding very much depends on what your target audience is and you have to see it through their eyes. Have since the 90s worked extensively with branding countries, cities, governments and leading companies to their respective audiences. Branding a country to get investiments is very different from getting tourism or selling products produced there.
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    • Catarina-One always needs to know their target audience. I agree branding is not only for selling products. There are many different facets of branding but knowing what the other person sees and wants is where to start.
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  4. Wonderful reminders Arleen! I struggled at the start to focus with my brand. Moreso, it’s about learning myself and what is truly my WHY with my work. It allows me to stay focus to get my platform right.

    I appreciate that you pointed out: “Getting your name out their using different forms of media.” Our brand must be articulated repeatedly and in many ways because this only helps us more to hear ourselves if we continue to serve our “why” with our work.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  5. Know your target audience. That one, for me, is the most difficult because I can’t see who I specifically target. I write my blog, hopefully with some useful or interesting information, for the same people who I would meet in daily life and they come from all levels of society. Maybe one day I will recognize that certain information is more popular than others, but so far I haven’t seen that yet. Does that brand me as a general?
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      • Arleen, that is an interesting question and it certainly goes towards defining my target audience. I would say it is definitely women based – men read it but I don’t really think for the most part that it has the same appeal to them. Good point.
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  6. I love the concept of transforming feelings into something people can relate with. Branding is really so important and I like the point you make about not trying to connect with everyone. It really is important to define who you are reaching. I think, as you say, it is important to remember the passion. It can be tempting to try to sell something from an intellectual point of view, but the passion is what will really connect.

  7. Hi Arleen: I really enjoyed that video. I don’t usually enjoy the imbedded videos many people slip into their posts, but that one resonated with me because I’ve been working SO hard at building my brand over the past two years. When people think of chocolate travel …I want them to think of me. That is the new niche I am forging, and the ‘brand’ I am trying to create for Chocolatour. Thx for this post.
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    • Doreen- What I liked about the video is applies to everyone. Finding that niche and working towards what your consumers want will create the brand you are looking for. Good Luck as I think the idea of chocolate travel is interesting.
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  8. Your points regarding branding are much appreciated. I believe creating distinctive ideas is a strength of mine. Having said that, I still try to figure out why some of my outreach is more effective than other outreach.

    • Beth- Every time a customer places an order, I have someone call them. We hold their hands all the way to the end of the ordering process and keep in touch. As they say out of sight out of mind. When you are contact with your customer you have a better idea what they really want.
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  9. Knowing your brand, or basically who you are or what is your business, is vital especially when you are trying to target an audience and consumer. How can you find your consumers, when you don’t even know what your company is.

    • Bill-When you start a business you have to ask yourself, what makes you different. Then seek your market. I sell promotional products so my target audience are corporations who want to put their logos on my products.
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  10. Arleen — I agree that you need to be passionate about your brand — which means being passionate about what you do. Branding is what you want your company to be known for and positioning is how you are actually perceived in the minds of your targets. The goal is to get them in alignment. It’s difficult to be successful if you don’t understand the difference and if you’re are not being perceived as you wish to be perceived.
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    • Jeannette- We have taken the time to ask customers what they want. Yes they want the best pricing, but more was good service. That has been my unique selling proposition, service, service and more service. We have to listen to what the customer wants and try to target the proper niche.
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  11. Great points on branding, Arleen. So many people don’t realize that we are our own brand, so to speak. I’ve always admired Volkswagen’s work in this area. There’s a smart, snarky sense of humour that pulls you in. Even “Das Auto” their slogan, can be said with gravitas or irreverence. I give them a lot of credit for knowing their audience – usually young or young at heart, with just a wisp of snob appeal (German engineering, don’t you know), and an appreciation for design at a friendly price point. It’s just the right balance between fun and performance!
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  12. Great post. I find it hard to put my finger on what makes a brand work so well, it can be the mood that a brand evokes when you see it, which is great. Branding is a challenge when it is your own website though, how do you brand youself? 🙂
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    • Christine- You have to figure out what is your niche audience. Who are you trying to connect with. We can’t connect to everyone so you need to narrow it down. Mine are corporations and I have to figure out what they and then come with the solution.
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  13. Hi Arleen,

    Yes, there is a magic to branding and that little video you have posted is a great way to illustrate it. We do have to remember even though we are You.Inc, we are there for others. To reach them to logic and emotion.
    We have to know our target audience, then give them what they need in order for Them to succeed. It is a pretty simple concept, but one must carry this mindset that our “Brand” is helping another.
    Thanks for this!

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  14. Nice video. I think of Coca-Cola and Ford when I think of branding. They are household names and have been consistent in their messaging for years. It is a bit of magic and a lot of research and aiming for that bullseye – the narrow and deep part of one’s target market that will resonate with your messaging (branding) and from there, the referrals come. Not easy to do at all. Thanks for sharing this….
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    • Laurie-Coke has figured out what people who drink soda want. Yes they spend a lot of money figuring out what they need to do to keep their brand fresh. We still can take lessons from companies that do spend the money
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