Core Marketing Techniques That We Can Learn From Disney

As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed I came across a cute photo of my friend’s daughter. She was dressed up in a cute glittery princess outfit for her birthday. The theme for her birthday was inspired by Disney’s movie Frozen. I haven’t seen the film and even though it was released this past holiday season (almost 6 months ago) I can tell you that I’ve come across the something Frozen related several times. Actually, this happens every time a Disney movie is released. Even if you are like me and don’t have kids running around all day, each time Disney releases a movie you’ll hear about it in some way or another. So, it got me thinking and researching. What lessons can I learn from the way Disney movies are made and advertised? Can I apply them to my business?


What I learned is that they haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary or pulled any marketing tricks. What they have done is use familiar core marketing strategies that have worked for them time and time again. Continue reading