YoYo Fun


The yo you craze is back

It was one of the oldest toys in history.  It is a toy that has been dated back as far as 440 BC.,  that has been found in Greece, China and the Philippines. Yo yos did not really become known and popular until the 1920’s when a young U.S. immigrant named Pedro Flores ignited an international craze. A young U.S. immigrant named Pedro Flores ignited an international craze. He was born in the Philippines. Pedro would have demonstrations to show everyone how the toys worked. Then Donald Duncan came along and purchased not only the company but the trademark name yo-yo.

Rumor has it was used as a weapon for hunting game or other land animals. … The yo-yos was actually first made by the Duncan yo-yo demonstrators in the 1930s and the yo-yo today is now considered a weapon due to the Duncan brothers making up the rumor of it being a weapon, this was done as a marketing strategy. Not all yo yos have the ball bearing mechanism that Duncan has but are fun to play with.

I remember my first yo-yo which was  Yo yo. I would play with it for hours. I started learning all kinds of tricks just by flicking my wrist and I could get the yo you to go faster or slower depending upon of energy I would use.

The Intentional Space Station test toys in space and one of the toys is the yo yo. Until the 1960’s yo yos were made of wood. We offer wood yo yos as well as plastic yo yos. Many of our yo yos are custom made to order.

Actually there are benefits of yo yos. It can boost confidence when trying to learn something new, hwlps in socialization and helps build hand-eye coordination Your customer can do tricks such as  ”Through the Tunnel, Shoot the Moon, and Rattlesnake.”  They are also good conversation pieces. So why not advertise you logo or message on an old popular toy