The Duck Race is On

Rubber Duck Race

A rubber duck race is a type of festival where thousands of rubber ducks race on a river, usually within the city. Normally they are fundraising events and the ducks are given numbers which enables the participants to “adopt” a rubber duck for a small amount of money.  The perfect event coming out of a pandemic is having a duck race where the proceeds can benefit your community. We have the ducks at reasonable pricing which gives you the opportunity to make some money on the event.
There are several big duck races held around the world. In these events, people buy a duck (“Adopt-a-Duck”) and put their name on it. Then all the ducks are thrown into the river, and the first duck across the line downstream is the winner. The money raised from selling the ducks goes to charities

For most people, the only place they are likely to have seen a small, yellow rubber duck is in a child’s bath. The US is credited with inventing it, but the activity now has a fan base all over the world, with races normally organised by charities and non-for-profit organisations as fundraising events. Somebody puts them all in the water together and then the first one to the finish wins. All the ducks have numbers on them.
There’s no skill, it’s just luck. But it makes a great day out for the family

When you are not duck racing we have a large variety of ducks that represent holidays, industries, weddings, nurses, doctors, etc. So adopt a duck today and support local charities. So now that duck season is upon us, get ready to have fun.
An average duck race might have 15,000 to 20,000 ducks, but “many races have 5,000 ducks. When you need ducks look no further than Garrett Specialties.

Weighted Racing Duck

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