The Towel for the Beach

Beach Towels

So what is a beach towel. Usually a beach towel is larger than most bath towels. Over the years the term beach towel was a towel used when you went to the beach. It is still a towel to use to lay on and dry yourself off after going to the beach or enjoying your time at a pool. Take them on a picnic. Leave your bath towel at home as a beach towel is usually larger than a bath towel. A beach towel can completely cover a lounge chair, as well as protect your feet from getting burned by the hot sand.

A Beach Towel is Cool.

Now the difference is that a beach towel is cool. Designs are fun and adding a logo to a beach towel makes it unique. Because while they still need to be able to keep you clean and dry, a beach towel has a higher purpose in life: fashionable accessory. With a beach towel you are able to select from fun colors which you probably would not put in your bathroom. Not too many people put red, orange, or yellow in the bathroom, but using those colors at the beach is just pure fun.
Bath towels tend to be very thick as absorbency is the name of the game in the Bathroom. At the beach you want to dry off but enough that you still stay cool.

Now the tricky part is to find a towel that is absorbent and able to produce a printable logo. Our suppliers produce towels achieve being absorbent while showing off your brand. Beach towels with logos are more fun to look at than just a plain towel. Years ago Google sent a towel with their Logo on it. People stop me and want to know where I got the towel. It is a fun towel not just because it has Google’s logo on it but Google’s logo has so many colors that the towel stands out.

Beach towels are bigger, thinner, more colorful, and serve more than one purpose.  Bath towels are smaller, thicker, tend toward solid colors – but serve mainly one use.  Use a bath towel to dry off quickly in the bath, a beach towel to dry, wear and sit upon…at the beach.