Sharing a Wealth of Knowledge on Promotional Products

Sharing a Wealth of Knowledge

We live in a high speed information age where a wealth of knowledge is easily accessible. However, it is not always relevant or even accurate. So here on the Garrett Specialties Blog our purpose is to share our wealth of knowledge about promotional products, branding, marketing and more. We will provide a resource full of abundant ideas to help your business or organization grow. This blog will be loaded with educational articles that are informative yet interesting and that are geared toward our customers’ needs.

Study by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI)

We know first hand how powerful promotional products are. Here are a few facts from an impressions study conducted by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) that show how promotional products influence the end-user.

  • 84% of the receivers of promo gifts will remember the advertiser.
  • 42% of the responders had a favorable impression of the advertiser and 24% were likely to go back and conduct business with the advertiser.
  • 64% have done business with a company after they had received a promotional giveaway from that company.
  • 81% of the custom giveaways that people receive are kept because they are considered useful.
  • Respondents kept their promotional items for 6 months or more.
  • Custom business gifts prove to be the most impressive advertising media because the average cost per impression (CPI) is extremely low at $0.004.

The Power of Promotional Products

View this short video that also talks about the power of advertising specialties.

In summary, the goal of this blog is to feed you with an overflowing plate full of knowledge and ideas of how logo merchandise will work for you and your organization. We encourage you to leave us a comment. When you do, you get a “do-follow” backlink to your site (which means both the search engines and other readers can follow your link). You can also leave us your Twitter handle as well as follow us so that you can stay up to date with recent posts.

What do you want to know about marketing with branding items? What experience have you had with using promotional giveaways as an advertising medium?

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