How to WOW Your Audience: Karise Eden’s Power Voice Auditon

I’m a big fan of The Voice and came across this video the other night. Karise Eden blew away the judges and the audience. In The Voice the auditions are blind meaning the judges have to make decisions based on voice alone and not on looks. If they vote in after hearing someones voice then they have to convince the contestant to work with them. When chosen the judges then help the contestants try to win the competition and build their music career. What I love about this video is the “wow” factor. As she walks out on to the stage you don’t know what to expect but then as soon as she opens her mouth you are shocked. During Eden’s blind audition each judge buzzed in after hearing just a few seconds of her sing.

4 Ways to WOW Your Audience in Business

1. Bring in the Smarts

One way you can wow your audience is by doing your homework. Doing the research on your target audience and having the most knowledge about what you are trying to sell will make your presentation powerful. One of the best ways to impress your audience is to tell them something they don’t know. Impress them with your knowledge and make them think. Show them your smart and clever side.

2. Wow with Design

Now that you are full of knowledge make it pretty. Wow your audience with good design. Good design can make the most simple things more desirable. Present your goods or services well to achieve that must have feeling. Whatever medium you maybe using to attract your customers, a well designed print ad, website, power point presentation or email blast will get more attention than one that is not.

3. Surprise Them with Love

A promotional gift or giveaways are always a great way to surprise your clients. It’s unexpected. Wow them with a custom promo that they will keep as a way to remember your brand. When you give it shows emotion and appreciation.

You can also surprise your audience by showing them something they won’t expect. Eden has a strong voice and she chose a song that meant something to her. She could have picked a more subtle song but she sang a song full of emotion. When she sang it was powerful and unexpected; took us all by surprise.


4. Anticipation

Generate a buzz with anticipation. By having blind auditions on The Voice the show is more exciting. Even though we can see the contestant the judges can not. The excitement builds when you are trying to figure out who will buzz in first then again when you want to know who the contestant is going to choose to work with. These types of shows are full of anticipation. Keep your audience on their toes and you’ll be sure to wow them.

How can you come on as strong as Eden did? What characteristics do you own that you can use to wow your audience? How do you keep your customers on their toes and full of anticipation?


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  1. Hey Arleen,

    While we hear more about the other ways to impress your clients, I’m thinking your advice with “Impress them with your knowledge and make them think.” goes unsaid in our current digital economy.

    Good ole smarts — which come from experience and knowledge of a particular industry — goes a long way with customers who place a premium on that kind of thing.

    Thanks for the tips.
    Vernessa Taylor recently posted…Before The World Wide Web Was A Household NameMy Profile

  2. In a way this blog is on the same subject as mine. How to make a good first impression. However you are doing it on a more generic level whereas mine is looking at it from the point of view of a writer. It makes me want to take a look at my blog and see if I could have made the subject more universal as you have done. You’ve also done a great job of incorporating video and pictures in your blog. In short, you’ve inspired me! Kudos.
    Pat Amsden recently posted…The Power Of A Great OpeningMy Profile

  3. hello Arleen
    These tips are really nice and audience will say WOW if we can follow them.
    In every field of life homework and preparation is very important , you can not impress anyone anywhere if you do not have any information and for information you need to do some research.
    As you said choice is also very important to have a strong and long lasting impact on audience as in video from The Voice Karise Eden selected an emotional song to surprise his judges.
    I feel that when you are presenting something to your customers the thing speaks itself , if it is presented in a nice way and idea of a surprise or gift really shows care.
    If we see that we get a lot of messages from different websites on our birthday or anniversary. They are just messages but for us they are special as on a special occasion.
    This was a great post and between I am not fond of songs and do not listen to songs ( mostly try to avoid) but this voice hold me till end of video.
    andleeb recently posted…Pakistan Today.My Profile

  4. I don’t watch much tv but this girl is amazing. Talk about the wow factor. I think that being genuine, as she obviously was, is key. Of course she has incredible talent but she enhanced it by choosing something that she felt strongly. Good advice for all of us. Thank you for sharing this.
    Beth Niebuhr recently posted…What is an Ideal Customer?My Profile

  5. The greatest thing about these shows is the surprise factor and this video that you posted had that in bunches. I listened to it twice. As for the point the video had, you are spot on and what a great way to show it. Everyone wants to be a part of the wow factor no matter what arena.
    Tim recently posted…Living in the IndiesMy Profile

  6. Further to your first point, if I’m listening to a presentation or a sales pitch I like to hear something that I think was presented with me, or the group that I am part of, in mind. Nothing is more of a turn off than to listen to someone making a pitch that you know is the exact same message he or she has delivered to everyone they’ve talked to for the last six months.
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  7. I am not a fan of the Voice either, I am unsure if I even have seen it. I do however, like your comments. What you posted are very good recommendations. They can be applied to anything you do, or any form of publicity.

  8. I like your correlation between the Voice and Karise and wowing our audience because it really is the same thing isn’t it? If we don’t come across as knowledgeable and professional with that first impression they won’t come back and it’s the surprise them with love (or what I like to refer to as building relationships) that will keep them coming back. 🙂

  9. Hi Arleen,

    Great Post and I loved the video!! The wow factor is indeed screaming!!

    Indeed, first impressions mean everything in every aspect!! Thanks for the reminder as we have to make that first impression to succeed and have loyal customers who stay interested in what we have to offer.

    Great Post and I like how you bring real life examples to make your point. Very smart strategy indeed.

    Thanks Arleen for a great share as always. Have a great weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…How Powerful Is The Impact Of Words?My Profile

  10. Good adice on how to wow your clients.
    Maybe I should give them a framed photograph of myself in Saudi as a promotional gift?:-)

    Joke aside, if a company has a product that’s perfect for Saudi and the Gulf but they have decided to work only in Scandinavia for the next five years the wowing becomes different. I just send them the articles about me in the newsletter of the top University in Sweden and a leadership magazine where I’m interviewed about what it’s like to be a female manager in Saudi. That usually result in a wow:-)
    Catarina recently posted…Do your customers recommend you?My Profile

  11. Hi Arleen,

    I was wowed with this video. What a great way to illustrate what we need to do in business. There is this quiet looking girl and then boom….those judges spun around so fast because she captured their attention with her fantastic voice.

    The wow factor must be allied in any business. Surprise them with love is my favorite:
    I just love it when a client comes to me and I over deliver…Wow Giving someone extra time, more value than expected will Wow them.

    donna merrill recently posted…Learn To Blog Your BrandMy Profile

  12. Hi Arleen,

    You just pulled a Karise yourself! You reminded business owners and entrepreneurs that passion is the energy that drives a business and knowledge is the seed that it grows from.

    One does not work without the other. When we are passionate it delivers the message powerfully, deliberately and with conviction.

    I get bored in networking or watching videos, or yes reading blogs when it’s obvious that someone isn’t passionate about what they are saying or writing. That means occasionally you’ll stop someone dead in their tracks and you’ll woo them in. A little controversy isn’t a bad thing either if you believe in what you’re saying and you can back it up with facts.

    This was a great illustration, reminder and call-to-action. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    I hope you have an incredible weekend!

    ~ Don Purdum
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  13. Arleen — I’m a big fan of The Voice because of its honesty. The judges can’t turn their chairs because of how a contestant looks. It’s strictly based on talent — what will wow the judges. Most often when the judges don’t turn the chairs they say it’s because the singer wasn’t true to himself or herself. S/he hadn’t found the “wow” factor or was holding back, or trying to emulate a famous singer. We’ve got to figure out our own “wow,” but it isn’t easy.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Why WPBeginner is the Go-To Site for All Things WordPressMy Profile

  14. Wow Arleen! Amazing!

    Your four tips are absolutely spot on! Especially # ‘s 1 & 3.

    And as far as the young lady in the video,goes did I say wow already! You were absolutely right.

    To see her sort of extremely low key demeanor and then once she started to belt that classic tune out! She absolutely crushed!

    She definitely seems to have that late great “Janice Joplin” sort of thing (with a smooth dose) of “Tina Turner’ charisma thrown in as well!

    I’ve heard it said that certain super gifted entertainers are simply blessed with that God given “It” factor!

    And for my money, she definitely has “IT” in spades! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing both your spot on points and that tremendous video as well!
    Mark recently posted…What To Do Even When Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies Still Leave A Really Bad Taste In Your Mouth!My Profile

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