In Marketing Timing is Everything: Nissan’s Second Royal Baby Tweet


Like when you are shooting the winning score seconds before the clock runs out or making the decision to have a baby timing is important. In marketing timing is everything. Being in the advertising specialties industry, I live at least three months ahead of everyone else. In this sort of business you have start marketing and planning before the idea even reaches your customers mind. Sometimes it’s a no brainer, for example, I wouldn’t start my holiday promotions in July. If your timing is too off you can miss the opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Traditionally you create a marketing plan and as part of that plan you make decisions about the timing of your campaigns. When building a marketing plan you start with an idea, create a timeline then put it into action. If your timing is right your advertising campaign can be very successful. However, you can’t always predict if something is going to be hot or not. We make our best judgments based on trends and what we experienced the year before.

Then there are those times when you have to think fast and be on your toes. An example of this type of situation is if you see a marketing opportunity around a significant event or breaking news like the announcement of the second royal baby.

It was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Kate are expecting their second child. Just minutes after that announcement, Nissan UK posted to Twitter the tweet below. This was tweeted only 7 minutes after the news broke. All it took was one clever statement and a little Photoshop.

We have seen other brands create tactile ads like this one but never so quickly. It was a smart move and their timing was just right.

Timing is Everything with Promotional Products Too

When you want to promote with promotional products there are a few things to consider. Plan for enough time to have your pieces imprinted and delivered. Also choose products that you know are going to make a lasting impression on your customers. Another good idea is to pick custom items that meet today’s needs such as cell phone accessories and other technology gifts. Rush services are available when you are running out of time. Items can be imprinted in as little as 24hours (not including shipping time). Some promo gifts are timeless such as your classic stick pen or custom notebook others are themed around holidays, sports or seasons.

What other interesting ads have you seen around the announcement for Prince William’s and Kate’s new baby? Do you think it is a good idea to promote around events such as these? What is going on around you that could be an opportunity to promote your business?

58 thoughts on “In Marketing Timing is Everything: Nissan’s Second Royal Baby Tweet

  1. Arleen — this can be a good strategy. Last year Ford had its dealers promote its ad just prior to the Super Bowl by flooding social media with forwarded teasers of the ad. However, it can backfire if a company tries to get some PR by tweeting around a celebrity’s death. The Motion Picture Academy tweeted “Genie, you’re free” about Robin Williams death with an image of a genie. That got a lot of criticism because it didn’t seem respectful.
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  2. That’s a very clever ad! Wow…they were really on it, right? But I haven’t seen any others just yet. Timing plays such an important role in almost every thing we do…marketing is no exception and often should be at the tip of the list. But I LOVE the example of bringing out Christmas promotional items in July…and how that can create a missed opportunity..again, it’s all about timing.
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  3. Hi Arleen,
    You are 100% right,
    Timing is very important thing in every field. As you describe about baby born and tweets after some minutes.
    Like things In every fields Timing is play an important role.
    But time I have no example in my mind
    but Any way thanks for sharing nice article.
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  4. There have been rumors that the announcement was made when it was for political reasons, as I’m sure you know. One of the downsides of being royalty, I suppose! The ad is very clever and it’s hard to be as up to the minute in reacting as can be achieved by a big company with a whole department working on publicity. When I see something like that, I remind myself to be alert to opportunities though.
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  5. I never actually saw the ad you mentioned but while it might make me talk about the ad and promote brand awareness it wouldn’t make me more likely to buy one. It hint in some ways it’s a risky strategy to play off breaking news because it’s very easy to come off as crass or opportunistic and not in a good way. But being prepared is always a good idea and being able to think one’s feet – priceless.
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  6. I really loved the tweet by Nissan.
    Nowadays marketing is very important part of businesses. Everywhere we see a lot of publicity for promotions each one is trying to excel and attract large number.
    I have not noticed any such tweet actually. I am not in business but now a days Haj ( pilgrimage… Muslim prayer that comes once in a year and people from all around the world visit Kaaba) is coming and all mobile companies are having promotions and spending a lot on advertisement as will be gaining a lot on Eid.
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  7. That was a pretty cool tweet. One that would make us smile and it did. Planning is key when working on any future event or launch. Being from a sales and marketing background, we always worked months ahead of any major holiday, event of new product launch. Although there were no guarantees, it gave us a good chance of success. As for me, I may need to revved up my marketing engines when I finally finish my product. 🙂
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  8. I am a terrible citizen of the commonwealth as I didn’t even know there was another royal on the way. Thanks for the update. I completely agree that timing in marketing and most everything is essential and this was a great lesson when I started writing.
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  9. Promoting around events can be very effective. But you have to be very careful, because there are many, many examples of brands who tried to take advantage of certain events and ended up looking pretty stupid and insensitive. I saw some examples recently when certain brands tweated some slogan like “never forget” on 9/11 but then appended a discount offer.
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  10. Genius! But like Susan says, wonder if Nissan already had that ready, just waiting for the announcement? In these internet days, seconds count. Remember the old Mary Tyler Moore episode where she wrote up obituaries for famous people, just in case they died? Some events are inevitable, and it pays to be forward-looking. Oh, and clever too!
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  11. I have not seen ads around the royal baby yet, but I definitely think its a great idea as it means you are in touch with the issues of the time and you are on point with what is also catching people’s attention. Was a good one from Nissan
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  12. A great article – thanks. As some suspected we actually had this pre-prepared and thanks to our swift UK team were able to have up and promoted quickly Have a read of the the Ad Week piece where I explained how we did it. Of course, lots of misses but the hits make up for it. Real time is great, but its hard work and not always worth the pay-off of a well thought out and implemented “old school” marketing plan….

  13. Hi Arleen,

    Absolutely…timing is everything! I do have things that are set up and only people that know me well know what I am doing. Planning to “launch” has to be good timing. Having everything in place, having time planned out so there can be no distractions.

    When it comes to promotional products, you are always on my mind! Once there are enough of people in my circle…you will be hearing from me!

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  14. You make several excellent points Arleen!

    And I can only image how truly critical timing can be in an industry such as yours! Especially if you have to try and go up against any of the really deep pocket corporate type of traditional medium advertisers!

    But as Patricia Weber pointed out; with the inclusion of social media marketing, there is now an extremely good chance for much smaller, less well capitalized entrepreneurs to rush their teaser promos to the market by way of proven marketing vehicles like twitter or Instagram etc!

    But your main point is extremely well taken! Timing is everything! And whenever you you don’t have deep corporate backing!

    It just might be the only thing that truly matter!
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