How Mentally Strong People Run the World


Mentally strong people run the world. They are leaders, innovators and market creators. This is because they control their emotions, how they think and how they behave. It is this control that usually makes them successful in life and business. So what do mentally strong people do to climb the mountain of success?

10 Things that Mentally Strong People Do

1. Move On From Mistakes

When you are focused on a goal you don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself. We are all human and are going to make mistakes, but the biggest mistake we can make is dwelling on what went wrong. Examine it, make a notation so that the mistake is not repeated and move on. The time you spend feeling sorry for yourself is time you could have spent on a new venture.

2. Take Control

Ok, so maybe some would consider mentally strong people to be controlling but someone has to take the reins and steer. Once a mentally strong person has established that they are in control, they are often hard pressed to relinquish it to someone else. In order to have control over others you must first gain control over yourself and your emotions. This will alleviate the use of excuses which will gain the respect of those you manage and respect is an important aspect in any business relationship.

3. Embrace Change

Change is a necessary evil. Remember Toys R Us’ marketing campaign in the 80’s? I can still see myself dancing around the house singing “I don’t want to grow up; I want to be a Toys R Us kid.” Then you grow up and realized that only Peter Pan stays young forever. With change comes growth and with growth comes success, if we want to grow in the world of business than change must be viewed as positive.

4. Make Every Moment Count

Time is one of the rare things in life that is unretrievable, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Therefore we must forge ahead and make every minute count. People who are mentally strong understand this and quickly learn how to prioritize and utilize their time wisely.

5. Try Not to Please Everyone

I come from a large family you quickly learn that you can’t please everyone. That doesn’t mean that you walk around never considering the ideas of others but sometimes in business everyone is not going to like the decisions you make. That is what it means to be a leader and in order for your business to grow you will have to make hard decisions at times that others are not always going to agree with; no one ever said that being strong was easy.

6. Take Risks

I am not talking about base jumping. But risk comes with business. Most businesses that fold did so because of a missed opportunity. Not taking calculated risks can be more harmful to your business than beneficial. There is nothing wrong with taking a well thought out risk, but if you fail, don’t dwell on it, learn from it and move on. That leads me to my next point.

7. Look to the Future

Mentally strong people don’t waste time dwelling on the past and wishing things could be different. They acknowledge their past and have a clear understanding of what did or did not happen. Mentally strong people learn from their experiences and move on. They don’t constantly relive their failures or day dream about days long gone. Quite the opposite, they live in the now and look towards the future.

8. Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Twice

You know why mentally strong people don’t make the same mistakes twice, because of all of the above. They may move on once a mistake is made but analyzation of mistakes is important so that they don’t happen again because than time would be wasted and mentally strong people don’t do that either.

9. Keep Good Company

A mentally strong person appreciates the success of others and tries to learn from them. Often mentally strong people will surround themselves with others that are also in control of their emotions and leaders. It may not always be easy for them to all check their egos at the door but opposite of resentment, the success of others should be an inspiration and something to admire.

10. Alone Time

Pure silence, it may be something that you have to pencil in on your calendar because everyone seems to running at a high rate of speed but a mentally strong person understands that our brains need down time. In silence your thoughts become clearer and you are more capable of honestly examining a situation and yourself. Self examination plays a big role in achieving self control. Alone time is necessary for the mental health of everyone and a mentally strong person understands that.

11. Don’t Give Up

Successful people don’t give up. This video gives great examples.

Without leadership in business there would be nothing new. Advertising promotions and marketing thrive on fresh ideas. They are the ground work for trade shows, inspire marketing campaigns that stay with us throughout our lives and surprisingly remind us that business should not and does not have to be a chore. Because mentally strong people are so in control and in tune with themselves they usually do not forget to have fun, even in while working. We could all take a lesson from the mentally strong.

Would you consider yourself a mentally strong person? Why or why not?

81 thoughts on “How Mentally Strong People Run the World

  1. Inspiring post, Arleen! Judging from it, I am a mentally strong person (or so I think 🙂 – all of the dos and don’t you list here are true for myself.

    What came to mind was that everyone can become mentally strong – it’s not so ething you are born with, you acquire it.

    I wasn’t always like that, there was a period in my life when I was dwelling on the past; I didn’t always value my time as I do today; I was reluctant to take risks, any risks – I learned the hard way that making the wrong decision is still better than not making any decision at all… I still struggle with change sometimes 🙂

    But I suppose when you go through enough in your life and/or hang with the right crowd, you become a determined to regain control, you become mentally strong – one way, or the other.
    Diana Marinova recently posted…5 Lessons Learned from My First Indiegogo CampaignMy Profile

    • Diana- There is no question with age sometimes comes understanding. I have always been a mentally strong person. Last night my daughter and I went some old papers and I found a behavioral test that I had taken along with the results. I am very driven with a positive attitude. You are right, it doesn’t where you are from, everyone has the same opportunity to be mentally strong.
      Arleen recently posted…How Mentally Strong People Run the WorldMy Profile

  2. Hi Arleen. Yes, I do consider myself a mentally strong person, primarily because I understand my particular talents and also the areas where it helps to surround myself with others who excel in the functions where I am not exceptional. In my view it is particularly important to create an environment where subordinates also feel in control of their function in order to develop ones successors and facilitate everyone’s progress to the next opportunity.
    Paul Graham recently posted…Beyond SpecializationMy Profile

    • Paul- I can tell you are mentally strong just by the way you write. The old saying that you are judged by the company you keep is true. I would rather surround myself with successful people than those you really could care less, but just want to take home a paycheck.
      Arleen recently posted…How Mentally Strong People Run the WorldMy Profile

  3. Yes, mentally strong people do run the world. Funny that I posted an article about Churchill and “nothing’s impossible, the impossible only takse longer today:-) Or to quote President Calvin Coolidge “persistence and determination alone are omnipotent”. And nobody personifies that better than Churchill.
    Catarina recently posted…Tough times never last – But tough people doMy Profile

    • Catarina- I do the love the quote “Nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes longer”. With the obstacles that were in front of me when starting my business most people would have given up, but I didn’t and stayed the course. I am very thankful that I did.
      Arleen recently posted…How Mentally Strong People Run the WorldMy Profile

  4. I have a hard time with the Pleasing Everyone notion but all the rest I am right on board with. Now that I reread number 5 maybe you meant Try Not to Please Everyone…it’s impossible. But then maybe that’s your point.
    Tim recently posted…More than a Dry SpellMy Profile

  5. Hi Arleen,

    This is incredibly motivating. Thank you for sharing, especially the video. I had not seen this video before and it’s amazing how these people rose like a phoenix!

    All the 11 points are awesome and I love the last one the most. Winners never give up because anybody can start something but it takes a winner to finish it.

    Have a great new week!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…How To Ensure A Pleasant Experience To Your Website VisitorsMy Profile

  6. Hi Arleen

    Awesome post and I also love that video. I have seen it many times but so good to see again.

    I agree with your 10 points and they are all necessary for us to really succeed. I wish I had learned the one not to make the same mistake twice a bit earlier as I have repeated a couple of things.

    Embracing change is critical especially in today’s fast changing world. Well they are all important really.


    Sue Price recently posted…The Truth About 100 Percent CommissionsMy Profile

  7. Absolutely wonderful post! I keep that quote of Calvin Coolidge above my desk and ti ends with “The slogan Press On has solved and will always solve the problems of th human race” And #9 is one that I think people don’t really give the proper amount of thought to. Personally, I want to keep the company of people who I can learn from, who can provide an opposing or even a provocative point of view…not the yes man.

  8. Hi Arleen,
    I trust you are well and that your week is off to a great start.

    I am mentally strong, but it took me a lot to get there… “plenty of obstacles” would be an understatement. I learned to be mentally strong through surviving every type of child abuse. I later fought through and past some very traumatic experiences.
    Suffering has taught me deep compassion. I know that having taken responsibility for breaking the cycle of violence lends my strength to others. I have built a great support system, as I continually surround myself with quality people… those who are loving, caring, and understanding. I resonate with 9 and 11 the most.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler recently posted…What Can We Learn From A Blade Of Grass?My Profile

  9. Hi Arleen
    I do consider myself a mentally strong person – I have picked myself up several times – twice after extremely serious illnesses and once after a failed business. I listen to people around me (don’t always have a choice, do we) and pick up on their good ideas and quickly forget their bad ones. This was a really interesting post.
    Lenie recently posted…Yummy Yogurt Treats – So Easy To MakeMy Profile

  10. Whether I consider myself all depends on the day… LOL. It all seems so easy then I find myself doing what I’m doing. pushing through all that is hard but uplifting when I’m successful. I do believe that is a way of taking control and taking a risk.

    Now I just need to get over all the issue that are a result of my recent consolidation and move… BIG SIGH. Got any ideas?
    Susan Cooper recently posted…La Crema Pinot Noir: WineMy Profile

  11. Very inspiring Arleen. And I may be all of those things some of the time, but I am definitely not all of those things all of the time. They are all excellent points, especially both learning from and letting go of your mistakes, but I’m just not in an ‘A’ mode anymore by choice as I found it too stressful. All great qualities, and essential for good leadership. Thank you.
    A.K.Andrew recently posted…Kickstart Your #Flash Fiction With #PhotoFlashMy Profile

  12. I love this list. I think it can be easy to forget things like we have to move on from mistakes and we have to take risks. This is such a good reminder of what it takes to be successful. I love that the end is Don’t Give Up. I read somewhere that a lot of people give up right before they are about to succeed. I’m not sure if that is true, but I always tell myself when things are low that success is right around the corner.

    • Erica- Mistakes are important part of growing, but we need to learn from them. How many times when we are driving somewhere we give up because we think we are lost only to find that if you had only gone a few extra miles we would have arrived at our destination.
      Arleen recently posted…How Mentally Strong People Run the WorldMy Profile

  13. I do consider myself to be mentally strong unless I’m on the tennis court, but that’s another story.

    Very inspiring stuff here and something that I’ll bookmark and refer back to in the future. I did notice this primarily focused on business in parts but definitely think it can be adapted to normal, everyday life.

    Great post! Looking forward to more from you!
    Carl recently posted…Why Revisit Places?My Profile

  14. Hi Arleen, very inspirtional post!
    I think we should read this list from time to time. Just to remember the concept!
    Personally, I have some issues in the ‘can’t please everyone’, but I’m learning to say ‘no’ more often 🙂

  15. All great points and lessons we all learn overtime. The strange thing is how shifts in life and business can throw curve balls our way, so when we think we’re good to go on one point, a varied situation makes us not handle change as well as we normally would, etc. I’m with AK in that I’m not into type-A mode as much as I used to be, but the transition has been rough as old habits die hard.
    Jeri recently posted…eBook Cover Design Survey: The Two YosemitesMy Profile

  16. A very matured and share worthy post! Change is the only constant thing in this world and as you said the better we adjust ourselves with the time the more we succeed in life. It is also important to fail and get criticized at times. This helps to get a clear picture of our weaknesses.
    Tuhin recently posted…Handle your introverts with careMy Profile

  17. Yes, it’s important to experience failure and not fear it. Problem is, failure doesn’t feel good. I suppose one needs to say to those feelings, no, you won’t succeed in bringing me down, and try on the next hurdle.

    I also believe my kids need to experience failure, but it is hard to see them getting down, too.
    Leora Wenger recently posted…Social Media Action in Central New JerseyMy Profile

  18. I love this post! I am all about empowerment and being a strong confident person. I love the tips in this article. I certainly have to tweet this! I also agree with Ilaria from the previous comment. I used to struggle with saying no having been in a very abusive relationship, but thankfully I woke up from that situation. In any case I’d love it if you ‘d check out my page as well. Cheers.

    Kam. K
    Kam. K recently posted…#TBT From My First New York City Pride ParadeMy Profile

  19. We must be on the same wave length … I just posted on personality types and success.People who achieve excellence have demonstrated specific characteristics their entire life. One of them is doing what most people are unwilling to do, such as completing work even it means staying late on the job. They don’t complain or feel victimized they’re very clear about their goals and objectives and they seek out mentors for guidance and advice. Great article!

    • Pamela- I agree that it helps to have a strong personality but also the willingness to makes mistakes, learn from them and move forward. Even if people do not understand your motivation it doesn’t matter as you can’t please everyone, so work on yourself.
      Arleen recently posted…How Mentally Strong People Run the WorldMy Profile

  20. Wow! What a great article, Arleen! I do consider myself a mentally strong person. I am not one who is easily steered in a direction that I don’t think is right. I wasn’t always that way though. In most cases, I had to learn the hard way. I fully believe that it is our experiences that shape who we are, and gives the courage to know what we can overcome.
    Tanya recently posted…Throwback Thursday 5/22- Lisa StansfieldMy Profile

  21. Hi Arleen,
    As I read through, I nodded yes yes yes. Then I took a look at that video and got chills up my spine.

    I guess I’m a mentally strong person! I was the type of person that never “fit in” The odd-ball so to speak. But I didn’t care! Never paid attention to those who would say to me “You could never do that!”

    I’ve always taken my carefully calculated risks, and failed many times. But I didn’t think of it as failure, but something that I had to tweak! I still do, especially in marketing.

    Out of all the examples above I love #3…Embracing Change! Change is a part of life. Nothing stands still. Once we embrace change, all aspects of life become easier.

    I also like #10 because Alone Time is where I can clear my head and come up with more inspiration and new ideas.

    Of course #11 is the most important of all…Never Give Up. Honestly, we all have those days where we want to throw our hands up in the air and walk away. But we need to return and keep going on.

    Great post Arleen, now I feel like I have a great mind lol.

    donna merrill recently posted…Marketing Your BlogMy Profile

    • Donna- I love your positive attitude. We all make mistakes but it is how we handle them that makes us strong or weak. Yes change is inevitable and how you deal with change will make your life easier or hard. Fighting it accomplishes nothing. None of us would be here if we gave up.
      Arleen recently posted…How Mentally Strong People Run the WorldMy Profile

  22. Well said. While I think all the points that mark a mentally strong person are spot on, I think number three is particularly true. Despite the fact that it is inevitable, I’ve seen some smart people fight change. The mentally strong anticipate and respond and as you note, embrace change.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…Time Keeps on TrickingMy Profile

  23. Hey Arleen,

    Okay, so when you list it out this way then I guess I’ve got what it takes. For the most part that is. I’m sure a few of these I might have a little more difficult time with, I can see myself contemplating a few things before moving forward but the fact of the matter is that I do move forward.

    Love this and I always wanted to remain a Toys R Us kid too! Oh and I love this video, it’s one of those I’ve shared a few times myself and with good reason. Great reminders for us all.

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for this awesome list.

    Adrienne recently posted…Can You Make A Living From Your BlogMy Profile

  24. Hi Arleen,

    Inspirational post and video indeed 🙂

    Yes, that’s exactly what the successful people who are mentally strong do. I think they are very focused in their work and know when to do what, and they achieve success by keeping their emotions at bay, though that doesn’t mean they have no emotions…it’s just that it doesn’t affect their way of working.

    Also, I think they are always learning from their mistakes and take it as an advancement to reach their goals. They are ready to change and adapt themselves for the better. There is nothing that can really stop them as they have a positive mindset as well and are very well balanced…lots to learn from them, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…SYPS: Resolve Lifestyle Problems to Make Your Life BetterMy Profile

  25. Great thoughts Arleen. I consider myself a mentally strong person, but not in every area as I have weak points. I have managed to achieve academic success that I never planned in high school and I have risen from failure to overcome in many ways, hence my blog on lessons I have learnt. I like your list above as it is practical and something to refer to in daily living.
    Welli recently posted…Potential vs Reality – Streams and DiamondsMy Profile

  26. Hi Arleen,

    What a timely post! Wow!

    I believe that sometimes when you’re grinding and you’re in hustle mode, you forget to see things that other people do not see, and that’s provided that you are following all of the steps that you’ve laid out.

    I like what you said about not trying to please everyone. That is a game changer. The moment you start to focus on yourself and start to realize that you cannot please everyone things will start to shift. Keeping good company around is another… keep yourself in check with those who desire the same things you do!

    Awesome post Arleen, really enjoyed this one!
    Nate Leung recently posted…7 Kick Ass Marketing Strategies to Use on FaceBookMy Profile

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