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It never leaves my side. It’s in my bed while I’m sleeping. I take it on road trips, when I go on walks, to the office and even to dinner. Sometimes it even comes to the bathroom with me. While I could be referring to my dog I’m actually referring to my cell phone. It has become a part of me and I’m sure you can relate. No wonder why mobile advertising is peaking.

According to research by eMarketer, marketers are spending more on mobile advertising than other traditional media such as newspapers and radio. Mobile analyst from eMarketer, Cathy Boyle, said “As more eyeballs are going to mobile in larger numbers, the dollars are starting to follow”. Businesses have nearly tripled the amount they spent on mobile promotions. Since social media and cell phones go hand in hand most of the spending has gone into social advertising. 


The thing is that even though we are on our smart phones and tablets all the time advertisers are only able to capture a small percentage of the ad market share. So, here are a few ways you can improve your mobile advertising campaign.

Simple Design
Your ad should be simple with a clean design and easy to read text. You don’t have much room on mobile screens so there is no sense of cluttering it up with unnecessary content.

Easy Engagement
Make it easy and quick for your audience to be able to engage with your ad. If they have fill out a questionnaire in order to benefit from your campaign then it may not work. You are targeting people who are on the go. They won’t take the extra time to complete these types of tasks.

Use Social Media
As I mentioned, most mobile users are using their phones for social media. We love to keep connected via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep your posts up to date and consider social campaigns.

Location has always been key when it comes to advertising. With mobile advertising you have the ability to target users in the moment. For example, I have the Sears’ app downloaded on my phone. Every time I drive by the mall where Sears is I get a notification that they have a coupon for me. You may not have the ability to have such a sophisticated app so when you are creating your campaign think about where your customers will most likely be when they see your mobile ad.

Mobile Accessories
There are countless promotional cell phone accessories that you can use in conjunction with your mobile campaign. Giveaway electronic cases with your twitter handle or Facebook url imprinted on it. Custom logo chargers are very popular.

Here is a funny short film about how cell phones are so much a part of our lives.

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  1. As mobile users rises, we, as marketers need to keep up to date and make sure everything we do is compatible.

    Agreed, the design has to be simple this way it can download quickly. And we also need to be connected to social media and instagram is a great way to do so.

    I’m going right over to check out your “chargers” Seems like a hot product.

    Thanks for the great share!

    donna merrill recently posted…Why Is Google Like My Ex?My Profile

  2. That video, shows way too much addition to mobile. It made me know I am more grounded than that. I don’t carry my phone everywhere. Sometimes I’ll forget it when I head out to shop, and I just keep on going. It’s quite refreshing to disconnect even if it’s by accident.

    But more to your point Arleen, it’s so true about mobile marketing. Even to get your blog to be mobile friendly. We’re still having a small problem with mine with the header not quite being dynamic to adjust to mobile phones. But we’re very close. I get it’s importance.

    That location tip is so spot on. I actually love how a couple of my apps, for those shopping trips when I REMEMBER my cell phone, let me know of retailers sales. That’s smart. Thanks.
    Patricia Weber recently posted…Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are TrueMy Profile

  3. Mobile advertising is definitely on the rise. Mind you if it works or not depends on what the company does. Good suggestions for how to succeed, Arleen.

    Have to say that I’m the completely opposite to you in the sense that I don’t have my phone next to me 24/7. Was never that addicted but felt I spent too much time with my BlackBerry in Saudi and the Gulfstates. So I decided to change. People can wait a bit and it gives you time to think things through before answering which can make a difference:-)
    Catarina recently posted…Are successful leaders lucky?My Profile

  4. Being one of the few dinosaurs that continues to use a flip-phone with no internet access, not many advertisers count me in their demographics. However that does not prevent me from seeing what you explain in your post. Mobile devices everywhere in the world are in hand and in front of eyes constantly. Two people on a date or outing, both on their devices…maybe they are texting each other. I don’t think I am missing out on anything but then I don’t really know. Ignorance in this situation is treating me well.
    Tim recently posted…Bring on the SlumdogMy Profile

  5. Some good tips on using adverts on mobile phones. You are so right, we are always checking emails, social media etc. on our smart phones so adverts on the phone and Apps is a good idea.

  6. I like your piece about how to attract customers. I am upset that advertisers seem to get away with so much, in terms of mobile devices and the internet. They bombard us with info we do not want, and worse they invade our privacy: Stealing our location, and personal information in the name of keeping the internet free for our use. People are conditioned that this is normal practice, we need to rebel against it.

  7. Not sure if we really know what works on mobile yet. Are banners as useless as they seem to be on Web pages? Are the intrusive tactics like pop-ups working or are they just massively annoying? I think you’re right in that advertisers are going to commit more and more dollars to mobile but it will be interesting to see how that works. And once they conquer mobile they can start worrying about wearables.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…Digital Deception: AstroturfersMy Profile

  8. Hi Arleen,

    What a fun post 🙂

    Yes, cell phones are part of our lives, though I am glad I am not that much of an addict as yet! I hardly use a phone, and perhaps that might shock a lot of people, but because I am forever online, the needs never arisen, unless I leave home for a while. I use it mainly to receieve calls from my family, that’s just about it because I know what happens if you get addicted 🙂

    However, my daughters are just the opposite, and your first few lines is what fits in well with their cell phone and their lives. But we do try and restrict the time they spend using their cell phones as they are still in school and college and need to pay attention to their studies too. Everything in moderation is good, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Life Lessons From A Blind BloggerMy Profile

  9. It is so true that mobile phones are becoming an extension of our bodies, so I can see how it is a gold mine to advertisers. I think I tend to ignore advertisements on phones, and on the internet actually, but when companies use social media to connect with customers, I find it a lot better. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Christine recently posted…Monochrome Monday – School Tour, Ubud.My Profile

  10. It’s so hard to keep up with technology, that it makes me want to give up in despair! Seems like a great opportunity for promotional products. 🙂 I can see where a logo phone case or charger keeps your company top-of-mind, even when the user has the phone turned off.
    Meredith Wouters recently posted…Notre Dame PaletteMy Profile

  11. Hi Arleen; considering that my primary market for amusement equipment is even more mobil than the average, do you had any additional suggestions. I really wish I knew someone who could design an ap for my rides and other items. I also think that as i record more videos i need to invest in a storage site other than youtube where I can syndicate them to iTunes stitcher etc. and it sounds like i should have my designer friend work on a cell phone case for me. thanks for the suggestions, Max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Life Lessons From A Blind BloggerMy Profile

  12. All excellent tips Arleen. I can totally see the opportunity mobile marketing presents, but as a consumer, I’m a little exhausted with the idea that I can’t escape marketers even on my phone. 🙂 The video is very funny and while I’m not as extreme as those gentleman, when I carried a phone, I was a little obsessed with it. I am now 6 months mobile free. 🙂
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…DecisionsMy Profile

  13. Arleen — I do notice that the mobile phone traffic to my blog keeps increasing. So there is an opportunity for advertisers if it’s done right. More and more people are moving to larger screens like the mini iPads and Samsung smart phone. So mobile advertising should become more visible. Nonetheless, it will take a compelling ad to capture someone’s attention. Like most people, I tend to quickly scroll down a site til I come to what I was looking for. I see the ads but often don’t know who the advertiser is.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…The Endless Debate: Will Your Audience Read Long Content?My Profile

  14. I agree with you on this. Mobile ads are going to be the way if not already. In-app purchases are already a thing with iPhones and Androids so the sky’s the limit with that. Here in Korea, people are absolutely addicted to their phones. I love walking into class and counting up how many students were doing something on their cells prior to my entering. Smartphone zombies are a bit of a problem here when walking on the street or even driving. I feel that people here might evolve with an arched neck to help with the addiction. Thanks for the great post!
    Carl recently posted…Summer Petals in Yeosu, ExploringMy Profile

  15. The cell phone has certainly reshaped society…and while I do love mine and all it can do, I still embrace phone-free time. It’s not always easy either…to purposefully set it down and let it go….but I do try. I think technology is quite amazing with what we’ve developed. And the “new” avenue for marketing is an ever-changing and much-studied one. I think it’s interesting that there are apps you can download with ads but then, for an extra charge, I can pay for an ad-free app. I wonder how the dollars work out with people who are willing to pay for no ads versus the profit from those seeing the ads?
    Pamela Heady recently posted…Steamed Asparagus the Alton Brown WayMy Profile

  16. I’ve noticed a lot more mobile advertising on some of my phone apps. Certain games that used to have maybe one or two ads have more than doubled. I’m not mad though. The advertisers had to get their sales somehow.
    Jason B recently posted…August UpdateMy Profile

  17. So true Arleen. Cellphones have invaded our lives big time and that clip sums it all up in the most practical way possible. Loved it. I am not sure if targeting me on my cell works so much because I do not really look at unsolicited ads on the cell. I only want the cell for the use I need and not for marketers but I am sure there is a bit of it that does get through anyhow.
    Welli recently posted…The Legacy Grandpa leftMy Profile

  18. Boy do I ever agree with this Arleen, my goodness.

    Everywhere you turn people have their cell phones with them. I know that it’s the way things are evolving now. It use to really tick me off but the more I thought about it the more I realized that people are on their phones because the people they’re with probably aren’t very interesting.

    What a smart move on the marketers part for sure. They are really know they can monopolize this craze and probably make some really good money.

    Great share as always and hope you’re doing well.

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Blogging, YouTube, Social Media, GoogleMy Profile

  19. Hahaha!! my cellphone is my best friend, I bring it everywhere I go for I have many contacts in it, my business partners, family and friends.

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  21. Cell phones are everywhere, no doubt about it. People carry their cell phones everywhere and like to do most of their tasks through them. They even like to add many accessories to their phones. And that’s why Mobile advertising is on the rise. It is one of the latest avenues of marketing.I think it’s interesting that there are apps you can download with ads but then, for an extra charge, I can pay for an ad-free app.

  22. I use my cell phone for everything. It is like another appendage for sure. One of the first things I notice we I visit a site is the ads. Too much turns me of but a well done ad will make me click to see what they are about. Balance is the key to making visitors stay longer.

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