Puzzles Piece by Piece

Enjoy nBrain Teasing Puzzles

Since we are stick inside, a great pastime are puzzles and brain teasers. And puzzles are not expensive. We have a large selection of puzzles, brainteasers which will be of interest no matter what your skill level might be. While this pandemic is going on and as businesses try to keep their name in front of potential clients and long standing customers offer the Brainteaser of the Month.

Fun Puzzles and brainteasers fill hours of time. Figure out piece by piece the solution. So don’t be puzzled what brainteaser to choose we carry easy ones or complex. So jump in and take the challenge.

Studies have fond that brain teasers help your brain, increase your memory, slows down dementia, reduces boredom and will improve your concentration. Advertise your brand while improving your problem solving skills, and your memory. Many people enjoy a puzzle to help unwind. Let’s face this Covid Pandemic has all of us in knots. Knowing that there are things that will relax us as well as advertising our brand is a win win situation.

Working on a brain teaser actually reinforces the connections between our grain cells and your brain will form new ones so there should be an improvement in short term memory. As we age our long term memory improves as our short term memory declines. Working on a puzzle or brainteaser may help.

Since corporate functions are down, show you appreciate your employees or clients with rubiks cube, tangle puzzle, ball of whacks or wooden stacking zen stones. All you have to do is solve the puzzle and put the pieces together. Take the challenge today. Many of the companies we deal with are doing drop shipping so what are you waiting for? Order a puzzle, scrambler or brain teaser from Garrett Specialties imprinted with your logo

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