Promotional Giveaways Promote Business after Quarantine

Gardening Ideas

Just to offer a few specific suggestions to get you started, Garrett Specialties has a number of different categories from which to choose. Here are just some of them:

  • Stress Balls
  • Portfolios
  • Eco-friendly Products
  • Gardening
  • Bags & Totes
  • Health & Wellness
  • Spa Goodies
  • Ducks

Covid brought many issues including trying to take care of work and children at a time when school doors close suddenly, and managing the 24/7 nature of working from home. These burdens also imply a new set of pressures for CEOs and other leaders as they attempt to support overburdened workforces.

Across industries, product-development functions are encountering a perfect storm of supply chain issues arising from the pandemic, the current Labor force, and green themes of managing cost, quality, and time. Rather than becoming part of the much-bemoaned war for talent, companies can develop capabilities of their existing workforce to fill skills gap.

Given that economies are expected to shift away from stimulus spending and other policy supports, forecasters and economists generally project a slower pace for global growth in 2022—but one that is still faster than pre-pandemic levels. Advertising becomes a key factor in keeping business and attracting new customers.

What we did learn from the pandemic, we have seen the rising importance of product sourcing, with increasing demand for diverse supplier products, sustainable products, and products that give back. In  2022, we can expect these trends to continue in a significant way.

But life can and will go on as we are beginning to see now. And with this return to life, as different as it may be at first, the time to begin rebuilding is now. Hand out promotional products from Garrett Specialties to put your name in front of your clients and also hand out items to show your employees you appreciate them hanging in there. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy bird watching. Great new past time.

Promotional bird houses