Custom Band-Aids

Custom Adhesive Bandages

Actually band-aids are a trade mark name like Coco Cola, Kleenex, Chapstick. Koozie or Aspirin. A trade mark name means “doing business as. Usually trademark names are copyrighted which is suppose to protect the brand name. A trade name is considered the name of the business which is used for advertising and sales. We are ingrained as children with these trade mark names and it is hard to change. When we were young and had a scrape, our parents would say, let’s put a band-aide on the cut. Hard to change when we are older and you can purchase all types of band-aides or as they are called today bandages.

Band-Aids were invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson. He invented the band-[aid as he was an employee of Johnson & Johnson and it seems that he had an accident prone wife. Oh you could get bandages which was also called sticking plaster, or medical plaster which was a small medical dressing that was used for injuries but not serious enough to require a large bandage. We try to find another word for band-aides so we came up with bandages. The different is that bandages are slightly elastic but are cloth that is wind around the wound, or a wound dressing . However, a band aid is a small self-adhesive dressing for smaller simple wounds.

So it is hard to put up a category that is really band-aides but we can’t call it that. So we say we carry promotional bandages and holders and dispensers. We hope that our customers know that we carry promotional bandages holders and dispensers that you can imprint with your logo. They make great giveaways for hospitals, health clinics, schools and health care facilities. What we carry is not only the adhesive bandages but also interesting dispensers. Colors and patterns can often be added at the request of customers to make fun or promotional designs. Our large selections of styles and colors are the perfect way to get your brand noticed with your logo.

The fact is that today our promotional adhesive bandages are nothing like the original Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid. So when your child is hurting and adults get scrapes as well whey not wipe the tears away from a cut and put on your child that special adhesive bandage. Please look at our find dispensers.

Custom Adhesive Bandage Dispenser