How to Stimulate Creativity

As marketers, business people, developers, innovators, bloggers, parents and creatives we have to be on top of our game in order to stay ahead. Technology is always changing the way we communicate. We have to be fast thinkers in this instant world that we live in.

I enjoy watching Ellen DeGeneres whenever I need a good belly laugh. I came across this video with Ellen and Rebel Wilson the other day and thought it was a fun example of how in marketing or in life we can fall into situations where we need to do a little improvisation as well. I have also come up with a few ideas to share about how we can stimulate our creativity when we run into a block.

10 Ideas on How to Stimulate Creativity

  1. Watch a new movie. I find that whenever I watch a good movie I walk away inspired. Inspiration can come from the setting the movie was filmed in or the music they used or the characters’ stories and adventures.
  2. Listen to music. Listening to music is another great way to stimulate your creativity. Like watching a movie it can put you in a certain mood. I love to listen to ambient music whenever I need to get something done.
  3. Sleep a lot or sleep a little. I’m sure you hear all the time that a good night sleep is integral to productivity and creativity. But interestingly enough, lack of sleep can bring about all kinds of creative ideas.
  4. Exercise is a stress reliever. Releasing stress can free up your mind so that you can get down to business.
  5. Have a brainstorm session with your team. Writing down thoughts and ideas with others will bring on new perspectives.
  6. Reading is like exercise for your brain. The more you read the easier it will be to stimulate creativity.
  7. Take a break and allow your mind to daydream. Sometimes we have too many distractions and our minds can’t wonder.
  8. Have a good laugh. A good laugh is a great way to release negative energy so that you can be more creative.
  9. Try doing something new. Go out to the mall and see what’s new, go to a museum or find a change of scenery.
  10. Finally go with your gut. There are so many more things you can do to be more creative but don’t doubt what your heart is saying. Follow your gut and who knows what will come about.

When you need to market something how do you stimulate your creativity? When are you the most creative? Give an example of a situation where you had to use improvisation.

75 thoughts on “How to Stimulate Creativity

  1. It seems that everyone has different ways to stimulate creativity – not everything on your list would work for me, but many of them would. Change of scenery and permission to daydream are two great examples that I find useful. Then I need a way to record those ideas, so a notebook, a pad of paper or a camera can be helpful.

    I hate the idea of trying to lose sleep, as I try to improve my own sleep patterns! That one would work against me and make me disgruntled.
    Leora recently posted…Clear Facebook Links: Old Stuff Not WantedMy Profile

    • Jacqui- I think laughter is a great creator of ideas. I have gotten away from reading like as I used to be an a avid reader. Now I spend time making up excuses why I don’t have time to read. You are so right, reading does inspire creativity.
      Arleen recently posted…How to Stimulate CreativityMy Profile

  2. Love the video! If it had been subtitled I would have sent it to my ten year old nephew who would have rolled with laughter.

    Good suggestions for stimulating creativity. In my case anything can start an idea develping and turning into something I can use. Actually, what’s important is to use and stimulate your brain.

    When I don’t know what to do I sleep on it. And when I wake up I know what to do. Makes sense because that’s when we access our subconsious. If it’s a nut that’s really hard to krack, one trick is to ask yourself a suitable question when you fall asleep to get an answer. You almost always get one.
    Catarina recently posted…What’s the main reason for entrepreneurial success?My Profile

  3. As a writer/blogger, I read as much as I can. Reading how others in the same craft create usually ends up inspiring me to think differently, and therefore creatively, which helps me stand out.

    Either that, or have a glass or three of whiskey and let my mind wonder. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it doesn’t change the fact that whiskey is delicious.
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  4. I try to follow many of your tips in my life when I feel that creativity is gone in dark some where.

    Going in mall having cup of coffee with friend and watching people moving around can really bring a lot of ideas.
    Above all I try to have a silent moment and try to speak to my God who can send me springs of great ideas for anything.

    Love the video.
    andleeb recently posted…Uncertainty of Life!My Profile

  5. I love this post Arleen and found that I apply points 1,2,4 and 7 frequently and agree that they do work in stimulating creativity. It is easy in today’s world to fall into the mundane where one does not see any room for change or creativity, yet there is still a lot of ways to be creative if you follow the points you gave us.
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  6. Hi Arleen,
    Awesome post which contain very useful information about How to Stimulate Creativity. Very interesting and informative article. I liked it. I hope it will help me. thanks for sharing views. Have a great week ahead.

  7. Great tips – and as far as the video, you won’t believe this but that very exercise was part of my sales training when I worked in an international hotel corporation! We sat at tables of 10 sales people and one facilitator and he gave each of us a mystery product to sell to the rest of the table and of course being the supportive group we were we’d do our bet to trip each other up. It was scary as hell and the best training of my life! As far as stimulating creativity – getting outside for a walk works for me every time. In fact I’ve learned to carry either a notepad or my mini-recorder with me because somewhere along the line ideas start popping into my head! 🙂
    Marquita Herald recently posted…The Risky Business of Trusting Each OtherMy Profile

    • Marquita- I guess this exercise must work if corporations are using this method for training. Having a recorder handy is a great idea. You don’t have to worry about writing down the thoughts and it is a good idea to hear yourself back so you can critique your ideas.
      Arleen recently posted…How to Stimulate CreativityMy Profile

  8. Hi Arleen,

    That video just gave me a chuckle!! hahahaha

    Great Post Arleen!! Your points are all valid but still differs from one to another. Some of them work for me and others not. I find that sometimes the creativity juices flow after a chat with a friend on the phone, or with my kids at home. Other times while exercising and other times while driving and seeing something that draws my attention and it can sparkle an idea.

    Thanks Arleen for a great share!! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…Overcoming Resistance In Leadership!!My Profile

    • Neamat- The video made me laugh also. I am sure that people who do not have trouble sleeping aren’t coming up with creative ideas like I do when I hit the pillow. I wish I could shut it off but maybe that is my time and just let it happen.
      Arleen recently posted…How to Stimulate CreativityMy Profile

  9. Hi Arleen,

    My spin on #7 is taking my dog for a walk on the beach. I’ve learned to bring along the smart phone, not to take calls or text messages, but as a place jot down the ideas that come out of the time away from the desk.


  10. Doing something new is always the trick that works for me, but I don’t always follow through on that. Yet every time I take a class or travel to a new place, it does wonders for my mindset when it comes to getting down to work. Doing writing activities with music used to be great for getting students to be more creative and open up more possibilities. I LOVE Ellen 🙂
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    • Pat- I envy those that have the time to read. I used to read alot but after starting my business I have let that fall to the wayside. I agree reading allows for creativity. I like the one eavesdropping on public place and many other things can spur my creativity.
      Arleen recently posted…How to Stimulate CreativityMy Profile

  11. Arleen, you mention that ambient music stimulates your creativity. Are there any particular artists that you would recommend in this regard?

  12. When I worked in an agency I found that creative brainstorming sessions really stimulated my thinking. I’ve also facilitated these sessions but here’s the funny thing. At the very end, I’ll ask, “Give me your wild ideas — the wilder the better. Don’t worry if they’ll work or if you can do them, just let them rip.” I’ve discovered that sometimes the best ideas have come out of the wild questions because the participants finally feel free be creative without filtering their ideas.
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  13. Ten totally excellent tips Arleen!

    And I personally have and do currently use several of your excellent suggestions. But doing what I’m doing right now really helps stimulate my creativity.

    And that is reading and studying the wisdom of other successful bloggers/marketers.

    Because no matter what subject is being shared, there is always a new crinkle or two to be discovered.

    And the video was entertaining as well. I can remember the very very time I saw Ellen on TV doing stand up and she really cracked me up with her extremely fast wit!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mark recently posted…Why You Really Would Be So Much Better Off If You Had A Real Fear Of Failure!My Profile

  14. Isadora Duncan said, “Creativity takes courage” and it’s so true. Courage to get out of your own way, take the risk, go with your instinct and not worry about failing. Kids at play are a great inspiration for me. Children create an entire world without using any props or costumes. I remember watching a little boy and he said to his fried, “I’m a cowboy” and in an instant he became a cowboy I’ve learned that children live in a state of, “ being awed” by so many things. When I want to be more creative I look for my state of, “awe”.
    Pamela Chollet recently posted…Middle Aged Children: Grieving The Death Of Our ParentsMy Profile

    • Pamela. Isadora Duncan is right when she said, “Creativity takes courage”. Thinking outside of the box is scary. When I was a child we were told to go outside and play and do not come back until dark. We didn’t have all the gadgets that are available to children today and we had to come up with creative ideas or we would be bored. Let’s start thinking like we did when were children and start using our imagination again.
      Arleen recently posted…How to Stimulate CreativityMy Profile

  15. Hi Arleen,

    What a fun post! Getting ideas comes easy for me. Sometimes too easy because I get them from just about anywhere. I can be shopping and get a good idea. People watching gives me ideas of how people interact. Oh my goodness…sometimes I wish I had a stop button for my brain!

    Great video and thanks so much for this share,

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