What is Corn Plastic

What is Corn Plastic


Polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch (usually corn) is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. … Indeed, analysts estimate that a PLA bottle could take anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. From Sceintificamerican.

So What are the advantage of Corn Plastic

  • Comes from corn, which is a renewable resource.
  • Does not contain toxins.
  • Corn starch plastic can be composted in facilities for industrial composting
  • Producing this kind of plastic creates much less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional plastic production (a reduction of 68 percent)

Corn based plastic products break down naturally by composting. Corn plastic products are a natural alternative grown in the USA. Corn plastics and fibers are used in products ranging from plastic eating utensils to t-shirts. 

Conserve resources and avoid single-use or plastic alternatives. Pens are made with recycled paper and/or PLA, a nature based plastic made from corn, an annually renewable resource. This biodegradable material reverts back to nature at the end of it s useful life. We continue to be inspired by eco-friendly products and ideas that address environmental challenges. Many of our products are Made in the USA. Removable 100% corn with information on many of the items we carry. These are a popular personalized promotional product for takeout, drinks on the go, outdoor patios, and concerts. Leak-resistant, snap-fit cold drink GXS lids and straws made from plant-based materials are available.

Corn starch polymers are polymers that are made from alkenes that are mixed with corn starch. This makes them easily biodegradable and can therefore be used as an eco friendly alternative to petrochemical based plastics. At a time when plastic waste is killing our oceans corn plastic is a great alternative. For farmers seeking crop options as they dig out from tough growing seasons (as well as the fallout from the recent China Trade Wars, corn grown for bioplastic production might be the economic balm they need. Just so you know corn that

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