Bar Rescue Saves the Day with Souvenir Cups

resurrection-drinkNo matter what business you’re in, running it is never an easy thing. The other night I was watching an episode of Bar Rescue on Spike TV which is a show were bar fixer extraordinaire, Jon Taffer will come to your dying bar, tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. But he doesn’t just tell you how to fix it (this is reality TV of course) he goes about putting the fixes in place even down to remodeling the establishment. The episode I watched was about a bar in Far Rockaway, Queens called the Bungalow Bar. It is a family owned bar that was demolished by super storm Sandy which hit the east coast one year ago today. Although this is a great comeback story, there was an even bigger underlying story about how the right promotional marketing can change the course of your business. Continue reading

Does it Make Sense to Spend Money on Promotional Items?

Spend Promotions

Before deciding if it makes sense to spend money on promotional items, here is a brief description of what they are. Promotional merchandise is any business product that is used for marketing and promotion. ASI (Advertising Specialties Institute) gives the definition of a promotional product as “a useful or interesting article of merchandise usually carrying an imprinted advertising or promotional message.” Generally promo merchandise is printed with a company logo and represents it’s brand and corporate identity. Promo products range from apparel to office supplies. They also range in price from under a dollar promotions to high end executive gifts.

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