How Teamwork is the Root of Any Successful Business


As a native from San Francisco I visit California often, and love while I am in  the bay area taking those drives through Northern California. I will never forget the experiences of driving through the magnificent Redwood National Park.  The reason why I’m talking about redwoods is because I had come across several articles that related these beautiful trees to teamwork. I knew that I wanted to focus this week’s post on teamwork and I found their root system and it’s comparison to teamwork really fascinating.

I became very interested in these amazing trees and wanted to research and explore them more. I learned some very useful information. Growing to a height of 350 feet, the coast redwood trees of Northern California are part of what makes America beautiful. Beyond their visible beauty, these trees also possess an inner beauty that goes all the way down to their roots. For such a tall tree, the coast redwood trees have a root system that is considerably shallow, only extending 100 feet from the base of the tree. The inner beauty of these trees is that they stabilize each other by intertwining their roots with neighboring trees. They’re a team and literally need each other for survival. It is the intertwining of their roots that enables them to remain stable during storms that sometimes bring floods and high winds.

Just like in nature, business comes with its own set of storms that can bring major complications. So the question then becomes, is teamwork the answer to strengthening your company’s foundation; its roots? Yes, effective teamwork is essential to the success of any business or project.

Photographer Nick Nichols wanted to accomplish the impossible. He wanted to photograph the “most complex architectural tree that Earth has known.” Watch the video below to see how he was able to accomplish this for the National Geographic magazine. It is evident that he required a team and without teamwork he would have never been able to accomplish this.

Key Factors within Teamwork for Successful Business

Putting a Team Together
Building a team takes time and effort. What you put into the team is what you will get out of it so if you want excellent results you first have to put together a team of excellence. If team creation is something new for your company, it will change its DNA doing so, the changes must be made uniformly, across the whole organization. Google is a company that is all about teamwork, it’s a part of the Google culture. They almost solely work in teams and feel that this not only makes their company more effective but fun also. Teamwork increases efficiency and opens the door for different minds to focus on the same project.


Faster, More Reliable Results
Ever heard the saying, two heads are better than one? Teamwork is just that, the collaboration of minds working together to achieve a common goal. This often leads to better business outcomes because the team not only comes up with the ideas but critiques them also. Working with a team is time effective and the less time you spend on one project means the more projects you can take on, essentially meaning more business and/or clientele. This helps a company save money while being more competitive in their market at the same time.

Listening Ears
Teammates must be willing to learn from one another. Understanding that some members may be more efficient then others will strengthen the team. Rewards, incentives and giveaways can boost moral and encourages healthy competition between teammates, which is always a great motivator. One thing that should not be over looked when speaking of teamwork is the overall relationship of teammates. No one should feel like an outsider; everyone should feel like a valued member of the team. Involving all team members in a discussion of effective business strategies makes everyone feel included and important.

Teamwork is an essential part of many companies success. It supports a more empowered way of working, removing constraints, which may prevent someone from doing their job efficiently. There is a sense of achievement when people come together to be problem solvers or innovators and that will flow throughout the company becoming essential for a motivated workplace. No one wants to make their employees feel like they are just worker bees but rather an intricate part to your company’s success. This builds loyalty and low turnovers ultimately becoming a main contributing factor to your profits.  When employees are happy to come to work it creates a better atmosphere for other employees and customers alike.


I’m Going to Disney World
Ok, not really but ever seen the party on the field of the Superbowl behind the player talking into the camera? Here is this player who is over the moon because of his win and is saying “I’m going to Disney World” but behind him is the real reason we all wait for that commercial. They are dumping water on the coach, dancing, slapping each other all because a team of players worked together and won. There is a greater sense of accomplishment when you have people to share it with. When you all can look back together and remember what it took to get the results you have in the end, there is a feeling of release that doesn’t often come when there is a solitary win. This is due in part to responsibility. There is an understanding that if the ship sinks, you are taking everyone down with you so once the team has achieved its goal, there is a sense of relief that washes over everyone making the team experience that much more enjoyable.

A company’s advertising and marketing ideas are difficult to put into play without teamwork. In order for teamwork to be beneficial to any cooperation or business, individual members must work well together. Each member should to be an equal contributor and feel like there is room for them to share their thoughts and ideas for the introduction, promotion and marketing their product and/or company.

Did you play team sports as a kid? If you have, you know the feeling of lacing up your cleats or putting on your jersey. Bring your team together through corporate identity using custom logo items such as embroidered polo shirts or imprinted office supplies.

Have you ever seen a redwood? What team sports did you play as a kid? Do you enjoy working in as part of a team? Do you find teamwork productive? Tell me about your experiences.

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  1. What a nice post, Arleen! I have seen redwood – but never knew what you said about their roots, how cool is that?! And i was on the volleyball team in highschool – it was a great way to introduce to a teen the concept of team effort 😉

    I totally agree with everything you say about team members and teamwork. I would only add that for this to really work, the team members should have a feeling of belonging to that team and to the company. Every single one of them should really believe in what the company does so that they identify the company’s success with their own success – and vise verse. Great post, thanks for sharing!
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  2. Teamwork is equally important when your team is a virtual one. By that I mean if you’re a solo entrepreneur you depend on a team of colleagues in pitching an account or implementing a project. It’s critical to have team with the right skills and the commitment to your project even though its for your company and not there’s. I’m fortunate to have several trusted partners. We work seamlessly together and I couldn’t get along without them. By the way, virtual teams are the norm at large companies, too. I have a client where the CMO is in New York, the marketing practice manager is in DC and the partners are in Philadelphia. They need to work as a team and depend on fellow employees they may have never met.
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  3. Ah those redwoods! Breath-taking! Although I was a swimmer, a sport thought to be individual, I was part of a swim team. Didn’t hurt that my dad was a high school football coach, either! LOL Our family was a team so I got a head start on the concept. Personally I think the first thing a team needs is a common goal..really believe it. Fabulous post!
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  4. Hello; as a blind person and the fat kid growing up the only team i was ever on was a beep baseball team. I thought our team was much too serious and wished we had the kind of chemistry some of our competitors had. i would have liked us to be like the we are family pirates or the us against the world teams of sports myth. but there is something to being part of a group wearing the same gear. remarkably i only got to find that out when being loaned to another team that was short players at a tournament. smile thanks for the post. its good advice. take care, max
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  5. Hey Arleen,

    I used to play sports, particularly football (Soccer) and Cricket, so understanding the importance of team work wasn’t that hard.

    I haven’t particularly done any team work with blogging (Other than guest posting and commenting, but those aren’t necessarily team work, they are just part of relationship building and traffic generation).

    Thanks for the example of Redwood trees. Good to know that nature supports team work. Another example is hunting, among animals. A lot of animal species have understood the importance of pack hunting – how much time and effort it can save. We can learn a lot from them.

    Anyways, thank you for the post, Arleen 🙂 Appreciate it!

    • Jeevan- You have given some very good examples of teamwork. You are creating teamwork by commenting and guest posting because without our support groups we would not be able to accomplish what we have. I notice that you have taken time to comment on many sites as well as mine and your input is always appreciated. Thank you
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  6. Absolutely agree about teamwork Arleen and the best results I ever got for any brand or launch was due to the team. Once we were facing problems with sourcing raw materials for the product and it was one team member from R&D who came up with the solution that allowed purchasing to meet the timing. Just letting each member know they are integral to the solution can bring out initiative and better results.
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  7. Hi Arleen – I’d no idea about the giant redwoods’ root systems and found that fascinating – thanks for sharing that great video, too – amazing stuff!

    I was never one for team sports at school but I’ve had lots of experience of working in teams at work and I can tell you that my happiest and most productive times were when I was working in a happy, cohesive, well-functioning team. I was at my most miserable when I worked in dysfunctional teams – a poorly functioning team is a disaster, both for the service’s productivity and effectiveness and for the health and well-being of its members. I really enjoyed managing and leading a team, even thought it was a stressful and challenging role. I found it extremely frustrating to be at a junior level in a “sick” team and to have very little power to do anything about it.
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    • Susan-The only reason I know is because we had to learn about them in school living in California.

      Having everyone cooperate and have support one another only increases productivity and also recognition. Having that quality to be a good team leader really makes a difference as you were able to see first hand. Hard to say that there is not much we do in business that is not stressful but cooperation can help.
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  8. It’s funny, yesterday I was thinking of the Miami incident. Where the football player was told to bring a rookie player into the fold by “hazing” him, I guess. I’ve been amazed that the media is in a sense standing behind this behavior but I’ve been shaking my head thinking, “how does that build a team?” I think to build a team you need trust. How does torturing a fellow teammate build trust? I like your ideas better 🙂 Listen, support and celebration
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  9. Wow Arleen, those are amazingly beautiful trees. It’s so inspiring when you actually see it like Nick did photographing the entire tree as huge as they are. That’s one thing I’m sure he would have had a very difficult time doing by himself.

    When I first saw this title my immediate thought was to football. Now I’ve worked in corporate America so I know the importance of teamwork because everyone has there jobs to do in order for the product to come together completed. But my first thought was a football team because when they’re not working together then they lose games. Our Texans are doing just that right now, not working together at all. What a loosing streak we’ve been on.

    You’re right though about teamwork. Of course for the past six years I’ve been a one man show so I can only “remember” how it was when I was in that type of environment.

    Another great share so thanks for this. Hope you’ve had a great week and looking forward to a fun or relaxing weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Be Productive And Get Sh*t DoneMy Profile

    • Adrienne- Last year the Eagles didn’t work together as a team and it showed. This year is completely different because there is a different leader that is getting respect.

      You maybe on your own but your teammates as you will, are all of us that comment and support your blog site which helps your business.

      I am looking forward to a quiet weekend before the Thanksgiving dinner and I don’t sit down for a second. Enjoy your weekend.
      Arleen recently posted…How Teamwork is the Root of Any Successful BusinessMy Profile

  10. I loved this. You are preaching to the choir. I am big believer in Team Work. It does so much for a organization that is not always quantifiable. Many times I see companies that profess team work but what they really mean is that everyone MUSt do as they are told. No out of the box thinking is encouraged.

    When it does truly exist, making sure that all members, as you said, are valued and feel a part of the whole is the key. Everyone wins when that happens. :-)))
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  11. I am in awe of all big trees and have visited both Redwood and Sequoia National Parks. In large part, I find teamwork fairly stressful because so much time can often be wasted if the group contains one or two attention mongers. Productive teamwork can be taught and fostered, but too often teams get thrown together without enough clear direction. Then when progress breaks down frustration reigns supreme. The only sport I did in school was track… a solo sport.
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    • Jeri-Seeing the Redwoods, you can really appreciate nature.

      There is no question that not all people work together productivity but when they do not because they have to, teamwork does work. I always admired people that did track, I was on the volleyball team and loved it. Today getting my employees to work is a challenge and I wish it was as easy as playing volleyball.
      Arleen recently posted…How Teamwork is the Root of Any Successful BusinessMy Profile

  12. Hi Arleen,
    So nice to be here, Very informative one,
    Yes, for every success teamwork is very
    essential for success, this basic lesson
    we can learn from Ants! Hey look at them
    how they bring success to their efforts!
    Indeed amazing!
    Thanks for reminding this again
    Best Regards
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  13. I’ve always believed in the power and strength of a good team, but when I joined a soccer team a few years ago, it brought it all into sharp perspective. Teams mean that you are able to do so much more. They bolster and support your efforts, but they also mean that you can sustain so much more. Difficult times are more tolerable with a good team. As an organizational leader I think the best thing you can do to ensure that your organization endures challenging times is to bolster and support strong internal teams.
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  14. I think you feel more engaged, supported and needed when part of a team. You don’t want to let the side down and if you have the right team you will really hit the high times.
    Teamwork is extremely important in business as in life.
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  15. Hi Arleen,

    What a great analogy of the Redwood tree and teamwork. One person could never capture the beauty of that tree if it wasn’t for the team!

    Same goes in business. We are all a team! We need to give unconditionally when we blog. When we take it to the level of marketing, no matter what business we are in our clients/customers need us and we sure need them!

    We have to take the responsibility as a leader in our field of expertise to be in constant communication with our team. No matter how small a question, we need to be there to answer it. We have to depend on one another to get the business going.

    What a great post Arleen, I really enjoyed it.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Baby Boomer BloggersMy Profile

    • Donna- When we respond to a blog and support one another in essence it is teamwork. Hard to get support by yourself.

      There is an old expression, I guess I know it because I am a baby boomer, “No Man is an Island”. So good teamwork is the essential ingredient to any successful business. I am glad you enjoyed the post.
      Arleen recently posted…How Teamwork is the Root of Any Successful BusinessMy Profile

  16. This is an excellent post Arleen. The value of teamwork should never be underestimated. As the CIO of a non-profit, I facilitated many cross-functional teams.

    One team that worked on processing donations saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organization. Having the full support of top management meant that the team was taken seriously. By tracking and measuring the results, we proved how successful the changes were. Of course, along the way, we created documentation to see that new processes and procedures were implemented to ensure that the savings were maintained.
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  17. Hi Arleen,

    I work in a corporate business environment and I handle my blogging schedule anytime I’m home.

    Just to corroborate on what your are explaining, the success of any company or organization is largely due to the management team put in place;this is really true, and you know what, the MD of the company where I work specifically looked for me close to a month just to work with him. He understands the power behind having a strong, focused and creative team.

    Good post, a must shared on my twitter and Facebook account.
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  18. Hi Arleen,

    United we stand, divided we fall resonates very well with the corporate’s world code of success which is ‘team work is the bedrock of success’.

    In my years working in the corporate environment, emphasis has always been on the power and impact of working together as a team, from the cleaner, MD, manager and the entire staffs.

    Working as a team bonds understandings and help knit together a faster achievement of success.

    Thanks for sharing Arleen.
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    • There are so many advantages of team work. One person can’t do it all although we think we can. Being able to delegate frees you up. The disadvantage is when you can’t get your team to work with you and it becomes a struggle. There are a lot of people who like to work on their own. Having a support system though does work if you have cooperation.
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