5 Ways to Spring into Renewal


Spring is such a gift. After cold gray winter months it is a delight to enjoy the cool air and beautiful colors of spring.

Out of all four seasons, spring represents a time of renewal. Flowers are in bloom, trees grow back their lush green leaves and the streets of residential neighborhoods are filled with the sounds of lawn mowers pruning fresh green grass.

The beauty of this season brings on a feeling of change or the want and need of something new. It’s a good time to evaluate how you are servicing your business needs and how you can implement changes to your business to maximize and satisfy the feeling of renewal for your team and your clients.

  1. Goal setting. It is your responsibility to recognize where change is needed then set goals and expectations to renew your business!
  2. Build a strong team. Managing your team is important to success. Spring is a good time to evaluate your process and put new systems in place. The characteristics of a strong team are clear goals, strong project manager, high expectations, and strategic planning and task building.
  3. Communication. As we always say, “communication is key.” If there is a need for change it must be communicated. Encourage your team to express their needs. This goes for your customers too. Are they satisfied with your service? Find out what your customers’ wants and needs are.
  4. Accountability. Have you ever had a friend hold you accountable for something? When you know that someone is expecting something from you there is more of a chance that you will complete the task.
  5. Recognition. If you want something done a great way to ensure that is gets done is through recognition. Provide an incentive such as a custom cooler and a day off for your employees. Celebrating achievements gives a feeling of accomplishment and can be very motivating. This works for your clients too. A rewards program with promotional gifts not only builds visibility it provides incentive for them to keep coming back.

Watch this wonderful time-lapse video and think about how you and your business can spring into renewal.

The video from National Geographic is not only beautiful and pleasing to look at but it’s also very motivating. It’s relaxing and frees your mind so that you can spring into renewal while thinking about the 5 characteristics of change we just listed above. How you can apply them to your need for change? What goals will you set for the spring? How will you use appreciation gifts to recognize achievements and customer loyalty?

30 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spring into Renewal

  1. Arleen, you were right in saying the video frees the mind. It’s hard to focus on anything other than the beauty of the flowers.
    I’m no longer in the workforce so don’t have to deal with those issues any longer but I do know they work from past experience. Staff satisfaction and customer loyalty are the keys to a successful business.
    Lenie recently posted…Holland Thanks Canada…AgainMy Profile

  2. You are so right that it is important to have times of the year when we re-evaluate and reorganize. I guess this is spring cleaning for your life. I love the point about accountability. A hard part of being an entrepreneur is that there are many aspects of your business for which only you are accountable for. It is a nice idea to pretend that you are accountable to someone else, even if you aren’t because it is more likely to “spring” you into action!
    Erica recently posted…Spectacular Salads Made For Steamy Summer DaysMy Profile

  3. With sunlight along comes more energy to put into spring cleaning, at home and in business. Great tips Arlene!

  4. Spring cleaning isn’t just about the house so I am with you in setting goals and reinvigorating your life. Any time is a good time for that so spring is as good as any.
    Tim recently posted…It’s Just Not FairMy Profile

  5. I like your idea of goal setting, especially in spring. Up here in the tundra of Northern New York when spring hits, we kind of loose focus. Setting or re-setting of goals helps people focus back onto their job.

  6. The video is engaging, calming and lovely. And your business points are succinct and to the point – a good list for a business team and for connecting with clients.

    I don’t usually relate to music, but the background music with the opening flowers is especially calming. We all have our own methods of calming ourselves.
    Leora recently posted…WordPress Themes: Fun Features For Your SiteMy Profile

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